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Zai's Journal

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Zai Redwinters
Yo, I'm Zai. How ya doin'?

Most of my LJ is Friends Only. If you add me, I'll PROBABLY add you back. However I must warn you that my LJ is incredibly angsty at times, so add at your own risk.
adgth, adult swim, andy warhol, anime, banjo-kazooie, big o, birds, boktai, boston, breegull, cheese, chicago, chowder, clerks, comics, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, crush 40, dance dance revolution, disgaea, dragons, e.e.cummings, earth wind and fire, earthbound, el goonish shive, elite beat agents, family guy, fantasizing, fawful, ferris bueller, fire emblem, fireball20xl, flcl, foxes, fred fredburger, friends, fruits basket, garth marenghi's darkplace, geno, girls, golden sun, gorillaz, gyakuten saiban, harry potter, home movies, i have fury, invader zim, jet force gemini, kablam!, kazooie, kean university, keroro gunso, kevin and kell, king dedede, kingdom hearts, kirby, kitsune, lindesfarne, lost, love, lunar knights, lupin the 3rd, lycanthropy, mario, mega man, metroid, mid-boss, miles edgeworth, mission hill, movies, music, neon genesis evangelion, new york city, ninetales, nintendo, no more heroes, osu! tatakae! ouendan, otakon, outlaw star, peace, pete & pete, phoenix wright: ace attorney, poetry, psi, red crested breegull, ren & stimpy, rockman exe, rocko's modern life, romance, rudy dewclaw, s-cry-ed, samurai pizza cats, sega, seinfeld, sgt. frog, shin megami tensei, singing, snowboarding, sonic, south park, squee!, stand up comedy, star fox, star wars, super mario rpg, sushi, tales of symphonia, television, tengen toppa gurren lagann, tetris attack, the angry beavers, the colbert report, the daily show, the legend of zelda, the matrix, the pillows, the tomorrow people, transformation, trigun, video game music, video games, voice acting, voice actors, vyers, weiss kreuz, werewolves, wrestling, yu yu hakusho, zapdos